Aggronerd's Quick Reference Mugs

These handy quick-reference/cheat-sheet mugs come crammed with many examples of syntax, commands and tricks whatever programming tool or command-line you're working with. Suited to someone who is starting out with a new tool or simply wants to brush up whilst enjoying their favourite brew!

The perfect gift for a budding programmer, hacker, devops or systems administrator.

NO SQUASHED TEXT! Unlike other designs these have been used and tested extensively in order cram as much useful information but BUT STILL BE READABLE.

An image of the mug left-hand side

Cup of Linux Mastery is now available on Etsy!

By purchasing one of these you're supporting the creation of this mug and others in the future. Thank you!

If you have any specific ideas or suggestions please do get in contact via the Etsy store or other social channels.

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